Eucalyptus caesia

21 06 INTRODUCING Instant landscaping range

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Eucalyptus gomphocephala Geographe 9Mar2021 1 RClark

Some facts about Eucalypts

SOME FACTS ABOUT EUCALYPTS A recent press article suggests that ALL Eucalypt trees on farms are a fire hazard.  Not only is this “opinion masquerading as fact”, but also gives a false impression about the value of trees in the Landscape, and that Eucalypts are always the villain, and should all be removed forthwith. Here…

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Landcare Nursery Grows Again

LOCAL PLANTS NURSERY GROWS AGAIN From humble beginnings and borrowed premises GEOGRAPHE COMMUNITY LANDCARE NURSERY has begun earthworks for its 4 th expansion. “The new growing area will be used to meet increasing demand for plants in larger sizes” said Coordinator Rod. Cary recently, when launching their new INSTANT LANDSCAPING  range. This consists of popular…

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