This is a list of Rod Cary’s best ~ ornamental Eucalypts

  • grow from 3 to 30 metres high
  • have interesting foliage
  • have interesting flowers
  • are wildlife-friendly
  • will grow in most local soils
  • suit local conditions
  • are mostly local to our area
  • are easily maintained
  • may flower intermittently all year
  • are usually available from our nursery

Scientific nameCommon NameSizeFlowersLeavesTrunk Soils
Eucalyptus erythronemaRed Flowered Mallee
Eucalyptus erythronema
5m * 3 mlarge clusters of red flowers Sept / OctFine Dark green leavesMallee with white to bronze trunksMost soils
Eucalyptus eremophilaTall Sand Mallee

8 m+large clusters of Cream, pink, yellowFine glossy leavesMalleeMost soils
Eucalyptus DesmondensisMt Desmond MalleeSlender weeping whipstick 2 - 5 mclusters of small bright yellow flowers. Dec to MarchFine dull leaveswhite powder stems with purple buds,. slender whipstickmost soils
Eucalyptus vesciculosaRed Moort 5m * 4 mBright red flowers Sept/ OctThick glossy leavesBronze Trunksmost soils
Eucalyptus caesia subsp magna
Silver Princess
6m * 6mlarge red or pink flowerssparsewhite stems, curly (minnirichie) barkmost soils
Eucalyptus albopurpureaPort Lincoln gum8 m +Pink, Purple, white flowersdark greenSmall bushy treeDrought and Lime tolerant
Eucalyptus redunca subsp pluricaulisPurple leaved malleegnarled bushy treePale yellow flowers with long budsDark Purple green leaves.MalleeDrought tolerant
Eucalyptus corrugataRib fruited mallee15 mwhitesmooth pinkish bark, decorative budsmost soils
Eucalyptus gracilisWhite Mallee20 mwhite autumn to springglossymalleemost soils
Corymbia exima
Sydney Bloodwood8 m +Cream whiteLarge leavesrough stringy barkMost soils
Eucalyptus tetrapteraSquare Fruited Mallee or Four winged Mallee2 - 5 mPink Redvery large, thick, glossy, leathery leavesgnarled shrubby malleemost soils
Eucalyptus preissiana
Bell Fruited Mallee3 x 3 mlarge bright yellowLarge, rounded , dull, pale green leavesgnarledmost soils
Eucalyptus kruseanaBookleaf Mallee3.5 myellow in april to augustBookleafbushy weeping shrubmoderately lime tolerant
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