Terms & Conditions for Wholesale Orders

Orders placed before 31st October 2022(for 2023 delivery) receive an early order discount ‘of 5%

Prices quoted wholesale prices, minimum order quantity for wholesale price one full tray of each species- mixed trays may be sold at higher prices

Seedlings are grown in individual pots, other styles of container may be used on request

Sizes of plants at maturity vary considerably

We appreciate the prompt return of pots and trays for reused

Plants may be grown by arrangement from your own seed (surcharge may apply). Other special provenance may be available on requests

All orders must be accompanied by full contact details of persona authorised for payment of invoice.

All orders must have an estimate pick up date

If plants are not picked up within a reasonable time of the estimated pick-up date, then a ‘holding fee’ will be charged (at the discretion of GCLN) of $2 per tray per month.

Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of the quotation

A deposit of 50% of the order total is required for all orders over $500, payable within 30 days of the order

GCLN request a minimum of seven (7) days notice prior to pickup of an order, if seven days notice is not given GCLN (at managements discretion) will endeavour to have ready for pickup but accepts no responsibility for:

  • Dead/missing plants
  • presence of weeds
  • varying conditions of plants in trays

Seedlings are "true to the specified species and type and are free from pest, diseases and weeds."


GCLN collects information from customers who require a quotation for wholesale orders. We use this information to prepare your quote and process your order.

We do not share or sell your information with third parties.