This is a list of  Rod Cary's best plants for ponds and dams.

They ...

  • tolerate a range of soils
  • tolerate prolonged inundation in fresh water
  • some tolerate salty water
  • some tolerate summer dry conditions
  • filter water of sediments and nutrients
  • reduce run-off and erosion
  • provide habitat and forage for wildlife including frogs
  • have a range of  colours and textures for landscaping
  • may have interesting flowers
  • are usually available at our nursery

Scientific NameCommon Name
Baumea articulataJointed Twig Rush
Baumea junceaBare Twig Rush
Baumea preissiiBroad Twig Rush
Baumea rubiginosaRiver Twig Rush
Baumea vaginalisSheath Twig Rush
Bolboschoenus caldwelliiMarsh Club Rush
Carex appressaTall Sedge, Strapleaf Carex
Carex fascicularisTassel Sedge
Carex tereticaulisTube Sedge
Eleocharis acutaCommon Spikerush
Gahnia trifidaCoast Saw Sedge
Juncus kraussiiSea Rush
Juncus pallidusPale Rush
Juncus pauciflorusLoose Flower Rush
Juncus subsecundusFinger rush
Juncus kraussiiSea Rush
Lepidosperma effusumSpreading Sword Rush
Lepidosperma longitudinalePithy Sword-sedge
Lepidosperma tetraquetrumAngle Sword Sedge
Leptocarpus scariosusVelvet Rush
Lake Club Rush

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