Small Flowering Shrubs

This is a list of Rod Cary’s best ~ 20 small flowering shrubs.

  • grow usually less than 1m high
  • have interesting foliage
  • have interesting flowers
  • are wildlife-friendly
  • may be perfumed
  • will grow in most local soils
  • suit local conditions
  • are mostly local to our area
  • are easily maintained
  • may flower intermittedly all year
  • may be clipped as a low hedge
  • may tolerate shade
  • are usually available from our nursery
Scientific NameCommon Name
Adenanthos meisneriWoolly Bush (local)
Calothamnus sanguineusPindak, Silky-leaved Blood Flower
Chorizema cordatumHeart-leaved Flame Pea
Darwinia citriodoraLemon-scented Darwinia
Dodonaea ceratocarpaHorny Hop Bush
Eremophila glabraTar Bush
Eutaxia myrtifolia
Gastrolobium praemorsum
Guichenotia ledifolia
Hibbertia racemosa, grey leaf formStalked Guinea Flower
Hibbertia spicata
Hypocalymma angustifoliumWhite Myrtle
Hypocalymma robustumSwan River Myrtle
Leucophyta browniiCushion Bush
Melaleuca paucifloraMattress Myrtle
Melaleuca thymoidesSand Wattle-Myrtle
Melaleuca trichophyllaPretty Honey Myrtle
Pimelea ferrugineaCoastal Pimelea
Thomasia triphylla
Thryptomene saxicolaRock Thryptomene
Westringia dampieriShore Westringia

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