Bird Attracting Plants

This is a list of Rod Cary’s best bird attracting plants.

  • a variety of forms and sizes
  • all have multiple uses for birds including nectar, pollen, insects, nesting materials, seeds, nesting sites, and harbourage
  • grow in a range of habitats
  • are mostly suitable for gardens
  • most have attractive flowers and interesting foliage
  • will tolerate local soils and conditions
  • attract a variety of birds including honeyeaters, insectivores and seed eaters
  • are usually available at our nursery
Scientific NameCommon NameHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Acacia speciesWattlesInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Adenanthos speciesHoneyeatersInsect Eaters
Anigozanthos speciesKangaroo PawsHoneyeaters
Banksia attenuataSlender BanksiaHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Banksia littoralisSwamp BanksiaHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Banksia speciesHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Callistemon speciesBottlebrushesHoneyeatersInsect Eaters
Corymbia haematoxylonMountain MarriHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Eremophila glabra, variousHoneyeaters
Eremophila speciesHoneyeaters
Eucalyptus cornutaYateHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Eucalyptus speciesHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Grevillea speciesHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Hakea lasianthoidesHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Hakea oleifoliaDungyn, Olive-leaved HakeaHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Hakea species
Kennedia speciesInsect Eaters
Melaleuca rhaphiophyllaSwamp PaperbarkInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Melaleuca speciesInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Paraserianthes lophanthaCape Leeuwin Wattle/AlbiziaHoneyeatersInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Rhagodia baccataBerry SaltbushInsect EatersSeed Eaters
Templetonia retusaCockies TonguesHoneyeaters

Rod’s Bird Attracting Plants (PDF)

Attracting Birds to Your Garden (PDF)