Allocasuarina torulosa

Forest Oak      Synonym: Casuarina torulosa

Sub-rainforest tree to 15m from Queensalnd and NSW.


Genus: Allocasuarina

Species: torulosa

Origin: Greater Australia

Tolerances: Drought Tolerant, Heavy Soils, Salt, Shade

Plant Uses: Bird Attracting - Seed Eaters, Bonsai, Feature Tree, Firewood, Interesting Buds or Fruit, Interesting Trunks, Interesting and Attractive Foliage, Shelterbelt, Weeping Trees and Shrubs, Windbreak, Woodwork

Growth Forms: Trees

Size Range: 8m+

Lifespan: Perennial

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Image Credits

  • Allocasuarina torulosa Ethel Aardvark - CC BY 3.0