Acacia cyclops

Coastal Wattle

The seeds of Acacia cyclops have been used traditionally by Aboriginal communities for food, and this acacia species is one of the edible acacia species utilised by the food industry, and increasingly by people interested in ‘bush tucker’ plants.

The green seeds (pictured in the gallery) can be lightly cooked as a nutritious legume – like green soya beans.


Genus: Acacia

Species: cyclops

Origin: Busselton and Surrounds

Soil Preferences: Coastal Alkaline, Limestone, Sand, Sand Dunes

Tolerances: Coastal, Drought Tolerant, Heavy Soils, Lime Tolerant, Salt, Shade

Plant Uses: Bird Attracting, Bird Attracting - Insect Eaters, Bird Attracting - Seed Eaters, Bush Tucker / Human Food, Fire Retarding, Firewood, Hedge, Possum Friendly, Sand Binding, Screening, Shelterbelt, Shrubbery, Windbreak

Growth Forms: Large Shrubs/Small Trees

Size Range: 2-5m

Lifespan: Perennial

Flowering Times: Long Flowering

Flowering Months: 01 Jan, 02 Feb, 03 Mar, 04 Apr, 05 May, 09 Sep, 10 Oct, 11 Nov, 12 Dec

Flowering Colours: Yellow


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