Bird Attracting

To attract birds to a garden, consider that birds need water (from nectar, dew, rainfall, or artificial water sources), shelter (complex habitat needs) and food (can be highly specialised).

Predators include magpies, ravens, owls and raptors. Omnivores will eat both meat and plants

A successful habitat garden benefits from biological and structural diversity. Use many different plant species with varied heights and forms. Look for plants that flower in different seasons with different coloured flowers. Include nectar and seed producing plants, as well as prickly plants, dead branches & stumps.

Red, green & orange flowers mostly attract birds, while white, yellow & blue flowers mostly attract insects

Wattles & peas are mostly insect pollinated and are prolific seed producers. Banksias, grevilleas and hakeas are mostly bird pollinated and have highly nutritious seed

Eucalypts, melaleucas, bottlebrushes produce copious amounts of nectar and are worked by both birds and insects. Teatrees are mostly insect pollinated and are good sources of nesting materials.