Acacia saligna

Golden Wreath Wattle

Our local form of Acacia saligna is mostly clonal – that is, it spreads by suckering.
Acacia saligna subsp. Southern forest syn. Acacia saligna subsp. stolonifera
Not all subspecies of Acacia saligna are suckering forms.


Genus: Acacia

Species: saligna

Origin: Busselton and Surrounds

Soil Preferences: Variety of soils

Tolerances: Clay, Coastal, Drought Tolerant, Freshwater

Plant Uses: Bird Attracting, Bird Attracting - Insect Eaters, Bird Attracting - Seed Eaters, Bush Tucker / Human Food, Firewood, Fodder, Hedge, Insect attracting, Noongar Culture, Possum Friendly, Revegetation Projects, Sand Binding, Screening, Shelterbelt, Shrubbery, Stock Feed, Suckering Plant, Weeping Trees and Shrubs, Wildlife Friendly, Windbreak

Growth Forms: Large Shrubs/Small Trees

Flowering Times: Spring, Winter

Flowering Months: 07 Jul, 08 Aug, 09 Sep, 10 Oct, 11 Nov

Flowering Colours: Yellow


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