Banksia ericifolia

Heath-leaved Banksia

Shrub to 6m from NSW. Collected by Joseph Banks in 1770 around Botany Bay.

Banksia ericifolia was one of the first Banksia species to be cultivated, having been introduced into cultivation in England in 1788.


Genus: Banksia

Species: ericifolia

Origin: Greater Australia

Soil Preferences: Acid Sand, Freshwater / Streamline, Sand, Sandstone

Tolerances: Moist Soil

Plant Uses: Bird Attracting - Black Cockatoos, Bird Attracting - Honeyeaters, Bird Attracting - Insect Eaters, Bird Attracting - Seed Eaters, Cut Flowers, Feature Tree, Interesting flowers, Screening, Shrubbery

Growth Forms: Large Shrubs/Small Trees

Size Range: 5-8m

Lifespan: Perennial

Flowering Times: Autumn

Flowering Colours: Orange, Red, Yellow

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