Calothamnus quadrifidus subsp. quadrifidus

One-sided Bottlebrush


Genus: Calothamnus

Species: quadrifidus subsp. quadrifidus

Origin: Busselton and Surrounds

Soil Preferences: Granitic, Laterite, Sand

Tolerances: Drought Tolerant, Heavy Soils, Moderately Lime Tolerant, Shade

Plant Uses: Bird Attracting, Bird Attracting - Honeyeaters, Container Plant, Hedge, Rockery, Screening, Shelterbelt, Shrubbery, Windbreak

Growth Forms: Large Shrubs/Small Trees

Size Range: 2-5m

Lifespan: Perennial

Flowering Times: Spring, Summer

Flowering Months: 09 Sep, 10 Oct, 11 Nov, 12 Dec

Flowering Colours: Red, Yellow

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Image Credits

  • Calothamnus quadrifidus Kevin Thiele 18 September 2006 - CC BY 2.0