Select and order in bulk from over 200 species of South West Australian native plants for verge revegetation and other projects.

The Geographe Community Landcare Nursery has managed orders for over 20,000 plants for revegetation and other projects. We can handle larger projects, send us a Request for Quote and we'll let you know what we can do.


Whole Tray Pricing

  • $150 per Tray of 50mm pots
    (40 plants @ $3.75/plant)
  • $200 per Tray for selected species of 50mm pots
    (40 plants @ $5.00/plant)
  • $150 per Tray of 70mm pots
    (20 plants @ $7.50/plant)
  • Note that some species have a varied price.
  • $2/tray WEEKLY HOLDING FEE for plants held after agreed pick-up date

Plants are sold in 50mm pots unless individually noted as available only in 70mm.

50% deposit is required for orders over $500.

• Minimum order quantity is one full tray of each species.
• Sizes of plants at maturity vary considerably.
• Prompt return of pots and trays for re-use is appreciated
• Surcharges apply for special requests, plants grown in different pot sizes/styles or propagated from your own seed.

Download our Wholesale (FULL TRAY PURCHASES) Catalogue and Order Form as a PDF (about 700KB)

Click here for GCLN 2024 Nursery Wholesale Price List (Sorted by  Growth Habit )

Our 2024 List Alphabetical in Excel
Click here for GCLN 2024 Nursery Wholesale Price List (Sorted in Alphabetical order)



Bulk Availability: We have around 200 species available on our Wholesale Catalogue (see below), most species from South West Australia.

Order Lead Times: Order lead times range from 1 to 6 months.

Limited Availability (By Enquiry): Some of our plants are marked Available By Enquiry. You can include these in your quote requests, we may need additional lead time or supply may be in limited quantities.

Propagation From Your Seed (by Enquiry): Please enquire if you would like to discuss propagation from your seeds.

New Species: If you can't find a particular species on our list, please enquire. We often experiment with new species.


How To Order

Bulk Quote Request: fill out our Bulk Wholesale Quote Request form and upload a spreadsheet with your list of requirements.


Online Cart Quote Request: use our Wholesale Catalogue to add plants to your Online Cart Quote Request. It is just like using a shopping cart, but it sends us your Request for Quotation.

Wholesale Plant Catalogue